Class Information

Have fun and meet new people while learning one of the most popular Lead-Follow dance styles.

If you want to learn West Coast Swing dance, improve upon your existing skill level, or target an area in your dance style, we are confident we have a learning option to meet your goal.
We welcome you to register for one of our class offerings or Contact Us to learn more about our Workshops and Private Lesson offerings. We look forward to seeing you in one of our classes!


1. Do I have to be a good dancer to do West Coast Swing?
You do not need any prior experience dancing to learn West Coast Swing, but you will need dedication. There is also plenty of challenge for experienced dancers who wish to expand their dance knowledge. West Coast Swing is perfect for anyone who really wants to learn about partner dancing, as well as have some fun, get some exercise and enjoy movement with music.

2. Is it better to dance with one partner only?
We recommend that you practice with different partners. Dancing with only one partner will create good connection between the two people andwill help you practice the patterns that both of you know. BUT there's a risk of learning to dance incorrectly. Plus you won't learn how to adjust dancing with different partners, be flexible as a dancer, or learn new moves.

3. What kind of shoes should I wear?
Wearing special dance shoes will make a difference in your dancing (for a few classes you can wear socks or use shoes with non-sticky soles that allow for pivoting) There are different kinds of dance shoes: for practice, for social dancing, for different types of dance. For beginners/intermediate students any dance shoes that you are comfortable in will work.

4. Do I need a partner?
No, in class there will be a rotation of partners.

5. What is the acceptable age to do West Coast Swing?
Anyone from 8 to 80 and beyond can learn West Coast Swing. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

6. How many classes should I attend?
If you are a Beginner, attend as many as you can. The Beginner curriculum is a progressive one which builds upon the techniques taught during the previous class. For Intermediate and Advanced classes, drop-ins are welcome.

7. Where can I practice?
At home, different dance venues, at parties, your backyard, or any place you have space and time.

8. What is the best music to listen to while practicing?
Just about anything. If it has a beat, you can dance to it. Feel free to stop by our Jukebox section for songs to add to your practice routine.

9. Should I take Group Classes or Private Lessons?
It depends. If you are getting ready for a wedding or some other special event and are under time constraints, private lessons are your best bet. Group classes give you the opportunity to meet others in the dance community, learn more moves, and dance with more people.

Level I

Beginner Level I
Mondays 7-8pm, Hollywood Ballroom
Thursdays 7-8pm, Promenade Dance Sport
Prerequisites - None

Learn the basic patterns of West Coast Swing, footwork, rhythm, connection, and more. This is a progressive class that builds upon previously taught concepts. No new students accepted after the 2nd week of the 12 week curriculum.


Level II

Beginner Level II
Mondays 8-9pm, Hollywood Ballroom
Thursdays 8-9pm, Promenade Dance Sport
Prerequisites - Completion of Beginner Level I

Learn the fundamentals of beyond the basic patterns of west coast swing, improving lead/ follow skills, importance of compression and resistance, anchoring and much more. This is a progressive class that builds upon previously taught concepts. No new students accepted after the 2nd week of the 12 week curriculum.


Intermediate & Advanced

Wednesdays 7-8:30pm, Promenade Dance Sport
Prerequisites - Completion of Beginner Levels I and II

Learn fun social and competitive West Coast Swing dance patterns, musicality, fancy footwork, fundamentals and building stronger lead/follow techniques, westie stretch, styling for leaders and followers alike, and much, much more. Drop-ins and former students are welcome.



Private Lessons
By Appointment Only

Prerequisites - All skill levels are welcome

Reinforce the techniques learned in other classes in a personal setting. Ideal for personal coaching and learning routines for specific events.

For more information, please submit a request on our Contacts page or call 443.271.9250 for availability.