Kevin and Tammy

Champion Soulful Swing Fusion dancers, Kevin Fitzhugh and Tammy Brown, formed their team in 2001.

Since this dynamic union, Kevin and Tammy have been legitimate contenders for every title they have competed. Developing a unique style, Swing Fusion, that combines a mix of Jitterbug, D.C. Hand Dance and West Coast Swing, Kevin and Tammy have won on both the local and national levels.

Kevin and Tammy's numerous titles include being 2-Time Virginia State Open Hand Dance Showcase and Classic Division Champions and Michigan Classic Fast Dance Division Champions. In 2006, they became the first African American Swing Dance couple to win the US Open Swing Dance Title in the Sophisticated Swing Division.

Kevin and Tammy recognize hard work and dedication are just a couple components for their successful partnership. They also are thankful for the assistance in coahing and training they received from Chris and Lisa Schuapp, Frank G. (Boogie in Bethesda), Kenny and Donna Roesel, Dean and Dawn Garrish, Mario Robau, Jr., Robert Royston, Mary Ann Nunez, Angel and Debbie Figuero, Jimmy Mulligan, Stacy May, Jordan Frisbee, Tatiana Mollmann, Lawrence Bradford, and Ramiro Gonzales.


Tammy Brown

A proud Baltimorean, Tammy's love for dance started as a teenager...
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Kevin Fitzhugh

Kevin's first impression of swing dance was that it resembled poetry in motion...
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