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We thank you for taking the time to visit us and learn about what we offer. Our site is dedicated to providing information about West Coast Swing and Hand Dance, promoting the performance and teaching successes of Kevin Fitzhugh and Tammy Brown, their students, and the instruction of the Swing Fusion method to West Coast Swing and Hand Dancing.

We encourage you to look at the various sections of our site to learn more about what we offer and our passion for the dance. Educating and instruction to others through class, seminars, and demonstrations are just some of the methods we employ in spreading the awareness of West Coast Swing and Hand Dance. Whether you are a seasoned dancer, a recreational one, or an aspiring professional performer, we are sure we can provide value to your dance experience. If you are a first time visitor, welcome, if you are a returning visitor, welcome back and to all enjoy!

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Swing Dance History

It is believed that the origins of West Coast Swing are in Lindy Hop. Dean Collins, who arrived in the Los Angeles area around 1937 after learning to dance at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, was influential in developing the style of swing danced on the West Coast of the United States, as both a performer and teacher. Source:Wikipedia More ->

Hand Dance History

Hand dancing, also known as "D.C. hand dancing" or "D.C. swing", is a form of swing dance that can be traced as far back as the 1920s, from Lindy Hop, to Jitterbug and to the 50's when Washington, D.C. developed its own version and named it Hand Dance. In 1999 it was formally recognized as the official dance of D.C. by the city council. Source:Wikipedia More ->

Our Mission

To promote "Swing Fusion" Jitterbug, Hand Dance and West Coast Swing and to facilitate the exchange of ideas on dance, culture and swing.